Welcome to GDLC

Musicians playing musicAt Gloria Dei, we welcome all people and rejoice in the diversity that enriches, nurtures and challenges the life and ministry we share in Christ. We welcome people of all ages, national and cultural backgrounds, gender identities and sexual orientations, economic situations, and abilities.

The life of a church is in its congregation, and a congregation that celebrates the wondrous diversity of the human experience is a congregation that is vital and vigorous. This energy we pour into our worship and our service to the community.

Gloria Dei is a small, friendly congregation, and your presence, no matter who you are or what you may believe of yourself, is a glorious gift. Our doors are open; visit us on Sunday morning, and know that you will always be welcome here.

We at Gloria Dei invite you to:

  • A Worshiping Community - Together we celebrate through Word and Sacrament the Good News of Jesus Christ and the love which God gives to all his redeemed people.
  • A Learning Community - Together we grow in our faith and understanding of God's love for us and for all people. We learn what it means to be the people of God in today's world.
  • A Witnessing Community - Together we share through our words and actions our faith, and the Good News of God's love for all people.
  • A Serving Community - Together, out of the grace which we have received, we join in responding to the needs of others in our community and in our world.
  • A Supportive Community - Together we care for and support each other as fellow members of God's family in Christ.
  • A Fellowship Community - Together we enjoy one another’s presence and have opportunities for fun and friendship through coffee hours, potlucks, day trips, and many other special activities.


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Pastor’s Welcome

Greetings in Christ! We welcome and invite you to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. We are here in Tacoma to proclaim God's love in Jesus Christ for you and for all people through worship, education, friendly fellowship, and meaningful community service.

As a church, we do not pretend to be a collection of perfect believers, but simply people who humbly confess their sinfulness, frailties, and constant need of God's love and saving grace, a grace that forgives our sin, empowers us in our daily life struggles, and nurtures our spiritual growth.

If you are already active in a Christian church, we give thanks to God for your faith commitment and pray that He will encourage and support you in your faith and church membership.

If you are not currently active in a Christian congregation, we invite you to visit us and become a part of our Christian mission and faith community at Gloria Dei. Together we can become instruments of God's love, mercy, provision, and peace for all.

May God richly bless your life and faith journey with his amazing grace!
Serving Him and You,
    Pastor John Kim

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What to Expect

Group of smiling menIf you’re new to church or visiting for the first time, the experience can be a little intimidating. But don’t worry; here at Gloria Dei, we always provide you with a service bulletin that has everything you need to understand what’s going on. And rest assured that, though you are more than welcome to join in the singing and other worship activities, you are never required to do anything you’d rather not.

Here are a few tips for first-time visitors:

  • There is no “right” or “wrong” way to worship. Feel free to participate only in those activities you’re comfortable with.
  • The whole service is in the bulletin – there’s nothing you need to “just know.”
  • Offerings are given as an act of worship. Guests and visitors are in no way expected to give, but giving is always welcomed.
  • Holy Communion is celebrated every first and third Sunday of the month. We welcome to the Lord's Table all who desire to receive God's gift of forgiveness and the powerful freedom of a new life in Christ.
  • Dress however you are comfortable: From jeans and t-shirts to suit and tie,it’s your choice.
  • Enjoy! You’ll figure out the rest as we go along. Let God speak to you through the music, the words, and those around you. And don’t worry, it takes most people more than one visit to really feel comfortable at worship. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


Hands passing a cup of coffeeHere’s some more helpful information:

  • Parking: Gloria Dei has its own parking lot with plenty of parking available. We’re on the north side of South 19th Street (if you’re heading towards downtown, we’re on the left).
  • Accessibility: Gloria Dei is fully accessible, with the outer doors and interior spaces all wheelchair-friendly. There are both stairs and a ramp leading down from the lobby to the social hall.
  • Restrooms: Restrooms are available near the sanctuary, including accessible stalls.
  • Coffee Hour: Almost every Sunday, there is a coffee hour in the social hall following worship. Join us anytime!


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News and Events

Interested in our regular rummage sales? How about our annual Vacation Bible School? Maybe you'd like to see our city's amazing performers at our annual Reformation Hymnfest? There's always something happening at Gloria Dei! Check it out here!

Location and Directions

Gloria Dei is conveniently located in the heart of Tacoma, on the north side of South 19th Street, across from Allenmore Hospital. For our map and directions, Click here.